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B&J Silk Wrapped Pearl Purl
B&J Silk Wrapped Pearl Purl
Price: $8.00 per metre

Benton and Johnson Silk Wrapped Pearl Purl threads $8.00 per metre

Main photo - Top Row:  Turquoise, Pastel Green, Leaf Green, Green, Tartan

Middle Row:  Bright Yellow, Marigold, Autumn Gold, Pine, Muscat

Bottom Row:  Rose, Pink Cyclamen, Cerise, Dark Rhubarb, Mid Cardinal

Second Photo - Top Row:  Crocus, Iris, Violet, Dark Mauve

Middle Row:  China Blue, Blue, Saxe, Light Helio

Bottom Row:  White, Ecru, Dark Pewter, Black

B&J Silk Wrapped Pearl Purl