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Gilt Grecian
Gilt Grecian

Grecian is a four ply thread made up of two bright plies and two rough plies giving it a shiney/matte finish.  It is available in three sizes and various combinations of Gilt, Silver and Copper.  A fourth size - Baby Grecian - is also available which has only two plies - one of each finish.

Main photo shows Gilt Large Grecian, Gilt Medium Grecian and Silver Medium Grecian.  Lower left photo shows Silver/Gilt Medium Grecian - lower right photo shows Bright Gilt/Rough Copper Medium Grecian, Bright Copper/Rough Gilt Medium Grecian and Copper Medium Grecian.

Gilt Large Grecian - $12.00 per metre

Gilt Medium Grecian - 12.00 per metre

Gilt Fine Grecian - $10.00 per metre

Gilt Baby Grecian (2 ply) - $6.00 per metre

Silver Medium Grecian - $8.00 per metre

Gilt/Silver Grecian - $10.00 per metre

Bright Gilt/Rough Copper Medium Grecian - $10.00 per metre

Bright Copper/Rough Gilt Medium Grecian - $10.00 per metre

Copper Medium Grecian - $10.00 per metre

Gilt Grecian Gilt Grecian