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CS Sadi Threads
CS Sadi Threads
Price: $2.20

Approximately 1 gram per packet - Bright, clear colours in smooth (shiny) and rough (matte) finishes.  Click on the photo to enlarge.  Colour descriptions below are by row from top to bottom

Wholesale enquiries welcome on this product - please call or email for pricing.

Row 1:  NCK-5 (Apple Green), NDK23 (Grass Green), NRN-15 (Moss Green), NCK-8 (Dark Moss Green)

Row 2:  NCK-24 (Black), NCK-9 (Aqua), NCK-7 (Ocean), NDK-25 (Khaki)

Row 3:  NDK-20 (Turquoise), NDK-21 (Steel Blue), NCK-23 (Matte Grey), NDK-17 (Shiny Grey), NDK-1 (Silver)

Row 4:  NCK-13 (Pink), NDK-13 (Pink), NCK-15 (Cerise), NCK-4 (Matte Red)

Row 5:  NDK-14 (Shiny Red), NCK-3 (Matte Orange), NDK Burnt Orange, NCK-17 (Latte)

Row 6:  NCKL (Lemon), NCK-2 (Yellow), NDK-9 (Bronze), NCK-20 (Coffee)