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Yazzii Bags
Yazzii Bags

Fabulous Yazzii Bags!  I love my Yazzii bags - I have been using them for about 18 years and those who have been in class with me will be familiar with my Pink Double Deluxe Organizer with the clear plastic zippered compartments.  I am now excited to announce that I am carrying four different Yazzii bags on the website:

The Double Petite Organizer - 2 sections, 6 pockets - 13.5cm x 17cm x 10cm - $35.00

The Double Deluxe Organizer - 2 sections, 6 pockets - 24cm x 24cm x 18cm (fits an 8" hoop in the upper section - $70.00

The Mini Organizer (large) - 1 section, 8 pockets - 17cm x 24cm x 8cm - $38.00

The Carry All - 1 section, 20 pockets - 32cm x 49cm x 14cm - $90.00

The bags are available in black, navy, green, aqua, purple, pink

Yazzii Bags